Jazzie Cazzie & the 8 Sounds on Knap Town


You can't cheat karma

Hopefully one of you soulheads on the board can provide some info on this record.
There's some rudimentary stuff on the interwebs, a bit of chat on message boards about missing it at auction on some WMIC tip.

A popsike entry that I only found earlier this week. This thing has sat at the back of my 45s-to-go pile since being purchased on a whim from either of Soul Bowl or Soulutions list about 20 years ago.

It's also on a comp.

One side is sweet soul/Northern, the other is deep funkish.

Is it widely known?
DJ spins, specialist radio show plays?
Which crowd are fiending for this - deep funk dudes or soul dudes - or no-one?

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Boston, MA

I'd like to hear the soul city side again. I think I had it from cd comp back in the day, but I forget what it sounds like.

Its naptown though. Plenty fiend over those.
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San Francisco, California (Bay Area)

i think its been overlooked some over the years. i sold my copy to eothen a long time ago. theres only 4 or 5 records on the label and from what i talked to jason yoder about this was the one that was tougher to get (or maybe im wrong but this is what i remember).
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Souther Indiana

It's sought after and just as raer as the People in the News record. Knaptown only had three releases (jazzie cazzie, People in the News, & the Sentimentals).

This record was the product of Indianapolis musician Rodney Stepp, who was responsible for the Diplomatics record on lamp and went on to play for the Spinners briefly in the early 80's. He also had a pretty good and sought after solo electro 12" in the late 80's.

It would probably fetch quite a few bucks, especially if it's in good shape. I still need a copy of it myself.
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You can't cheat karma

Thanks for all the info

I guess I can hear why both sides would be in demand, but neither are true killers IMHO.

The list that it came from has gained a kind of retrospective kudos for being the source of many a cheap one-off buy that eventually turned into some serious value piece.

Either dude was well ahead of his time or a total loser at recognising what he had.
I ain't mad either way.
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