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Rare Jazz Memorabilia in Abandoned Detroit Building

I spent a lot of time in Detroit in the early 2000s. I had friends I had met through this site who were always posting AMAZING soul, jazz, and funk records and I needed to experience it for mylsef.   It was at the tail end of when there where still gems to be found in the field over there.  Add the spooky quality of an abandoned industry coupled with it's rich musical history and I had my sick twisted utopia!

In 2004, I started having kids and heading to Detroit became less of a priority.   Even though I couldn't make it out to my annual Detroit "dig" trips,  I still enjoyed watching Youtube movies of urban exploration.  The clip below was one that stuck out the most seeing that I am a jazz record collector.

This abandoned detroit skyscraper is rumoured to be The Book Tower.   I can only imagine what record label or music magazine was headquarted here only to have just picked up and left a jazz organ, boxes of reel-to-reels, jazz awards, and a snare drum (hopefully not belonging to Art Blakey!?).

The cluelessness of the explorers is quite hilarious and I am continually puzzled why they didn't atleast walk out with something under their arm.

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