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Justin Torres - The Break Up Letters (2008)

Justin Torres

The Break Up Letters (2008)

Bay area’s Justin Torres is a true 60s/70s soul music historian. The Break Up Letters, originally posted online in 2008 by Good Records NYC, is a heart wrenching mix of rare soul and funk. Also worth noting is that portions of this mix were culled from raw reels rescued from the vaults of famed Berkeley, CA distributor/record shop Music City. So there are songs on here that are completely unknown and unavailable on vinyl… The absolutely killer funk-psych burner “Choirs In My Teardrops” is perhaps the most criminal example of a record that never was, but Real Heads will notice the DJ Shadow-remixed “This Time” (here as “Untitled”) by, simply, “Joe”. This mix is the first appearance of the track and the Genesis of Shadow’s piece.

Track List


I Need You - Music City Reels
Whatcha Gonna Do - Rhythm Machine
Wait! One Minute Baby - Page 3
Untitled - Untitled Acetate
Don’t You Care - Alice Clark
Help Me Make Up My Mind - Joyce Jones
Don’t You Never Ever Make Me Cry - Fabulous Fugitives
Choirs In My Teardrops - Two Things In One
You’re Gonna Wreck My Life - Guitar Ray
My Love Fabulous - Malibus
Hey Sugar - Joe Anderson
I Can’t Take The Pain - Ernie Johnson
You Better Stop - Sonny Rhodes
Put You Down - Oscar Bishop
Ain’t Nobody’s Business - Ernie Marbray
Are We Losing Our Thing - Sonny Rhodes
I Remember - Inner Soul
A Better Day Is Gonna Come - Jackie Moppins
We Can Never Belong To Each Other - Deloris Ealy
What’s Wrong With Our Love - Tody Tucker
I’m So Lonely - Progressors
Who Can I Turn To - Primes
Didn’t I - Dorando
These Very Tender Moments - Ernie Johnson
Untitled - Joe

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