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If only I could remember my name.

Ifirst launched Soul Strut in 1999 on one of those free web site providers like Geocities / Angelfire. I was a fervent record collector, DJ, musician, graphic designer, and journalist just getting out of college. To keep things more "relevant" I covered mostly underground hip hop, but I quickly realized the site frequenters were more interested in the records used for sampling than Mos Def.

The site grew in popularity around 2002-2008 and became thee destination on the web for vinyl record collectors. The forum became a place where many secrets were revealed and many humans were turned on to mind blowing obscure music (that later got reissued).

The peak was around 2010 with most migrating to social media after that.

As of 2014, I was faced with a cross road to either retire the site or keep on keeping on. As I reflected about times past, I came to the conclusion that this site must live on and celebrate its 20 year heritage. Even if it's buried in a time of social media and 20,000 fly-by-night Wordpress music Blogs, there is a rich history that must be documented.

And I plan on doing that by revisiting landmark forum threads and immortalizing the best of over 1,000 DJ mixes submitted over the years.

So please enjoy. Stay awhile. Drop me a line.

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