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 - Don Blackman

  • Don Blackman

    Don Blackman LP (1982)


Ranked #60 in the Soul Strut 200

Hailing from the same Jamaica Queens music scene as GRP label mates Bernard Wright and Tom Browne, Don "Minister of Funk" Blackman made a name for himself as a writer and session player throughout the 70s and 80s. Even enjoying a short stint as keyboardist in Lenny White's moderately successful jazz funk fusion band Twennynine. His 1982 debut is a delicious blend of boogie funk, smooth jazz, and R&B. The album is VERY smooth and tightly recorded making it a highly sought after LP for sample hounds thanks the Dusty Fingers comped "Holding You, Loving You".   The song will make you soar above the clouds upon first listen with its soft airy vocals, synth wizardry, and enticing grand piano lines. "Deaf Hook Up Connection" is a rip roaring P-Funk type jam with scat type vocals and compelling hard rock guitar lines. "Never Miss a Thing" has some killer slap bass riffs and of course Blackman's smooth airy vocals again.   This album would gain cult status over the years (mainly in the UK) and rejuvenate Blackman's career prompting a 2002 follow-up (Listen).  Sadly, Blackman succumbed to cancer and passed away in 2013.

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