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Raj Mahal - Certified Mold (2006)

Raj Mahal

Certified Mold (2006)

A fine blend of disco rap, prog, electro, modern soul, golden era hip hop, wedding band soul, breakz and more exclusively for

Added to Soul Strut on Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Track List

First Love (Intro)
“Petit Sekou” - Orchestre Bembeya Jazz National
“Hang Loose” - Don Thompson
“It’s Your Turn” - M.C.B.
“Time Centre” - Hawkwind
“One for the Treble (Fresh)” - Davy DMX
“Universal Love” - Woods Empire
Spooks in Space edit
“Family Rap” - Family
“Hittin’ Harder” - Too Fresh
“West Oak Lane Jam” - Klassy K
“The Easton Assassin” - The Sunburst Band
“Shake it Down” - Pyrymyd
“Catch a Groove” - Juice
“This is a Party” - Radiance
“This (Def Jam)” - Jazzy Jay
“Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?)” - Sweet Patato Pie
“The Brain of Oskar Pinizza” - Michael Bundt
“Never Gonna Give You Up” - The Hi-Lads & A Lass
“Sunday Morning, N.Y.” - Rod McKuen
“The Masquerade is Over” - David Oliver

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