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 - The Man Incognito

  • Alphonse Mouzon

    The Man Incognito LP (1976)

    Blue Note

Drummer Alphonse Mouzon ranks as one of the best jazz funk fusion drummers of all time.  Unfortunately, his solo albums aren't very notable.  There are a few infectious cuts that are worth the price of admission ("Funky Snakefoot" is an ill track used on Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump").  If I had to pick one to document in The Archive, this would be it.  

Back in the day when I was new to funk, Mouzon's "New York City" was my shit.  So much so, i featured an mp3 of it on this site for download in the early 00's when MP3s were a serious criminal offense.  

I wrote:  

Alphonse Mouzon will possibly go down as one of jazz's best drummers ever (yes, even if he dabbled in cringing late 70s disco cheez-funk.) Mouzon's 1975 ode to the Big Apple gives beat heads a splendid break intro, followed by a complete wah orgy!  Nuthin' better!

I later got a rather comical e-mail from Mr. Mouzon (keep in mind Soul Strut has always been a one man after school operation)

Dear Soulstrut executives and partners: 

Please be advised that you are violation my copyright in the musical composition "New York City" and Capitol Records' copyrights in the sound recording of "New York City". You are hereby requested to immediately cease and desist all downloads, repoduction, copying, and distribution of the aforementioned copyrights. Don't expect to recieve a letter from my attorney. When I do get my copyright attorneys involved, it will be to file a multi-million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit againt Soulstrut and all executives, partner, and agents if you continue to violate my copyright!

Nothing herein should be construed to be an election or waiver of any of my rights or remedies, which are expressly reserved.


Alphonse Mouzon 
Mouzon Music Company 
Tenacious Records

It became a meme in the Soul Strut forums and a legendary story for many years.  Sadly, Mouzon died of cancer in 2016 which made me feel horrible for clowing on him for so many years, but it was all in jest and he is really and amazing drummer who made his mark on jazz and funk.

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