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 - That I May Love

  • Donna Kime

    That I May Love LP (197?)

    Daystar Records

Props to the Meaty Ogre for turning me on to this one during my recent sojourn to Chi a few months back. Meaty wasn't letting go of his copies, but I quickly had Mr. Carnahan on the case, dangling a minty sealed local Community College psych LP under his nose. What do ya know, a trip to the local Thrift the next day and Kime was mine. Donna Kime was a Christian vocalist out of Joliet Illinois. This album on the tiny Daystar Records label pimps the guitar stylings of Phil Upchurch among others. It's mos def a one tracker, but that one track "Golden Pony" is straight bananers; a nice laid back, mildly funky, let the sun shine in your face after a spliff type tune.

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