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The Beach Boys - Wild Honey

  • The Beach Boys

    Wild Honey LP (1967)

    Capitol Records

I just copped (borrowed from my local library) this CD. My indy rock friend told me I needed to hear it that it was really a "soul" album and the most "funky" the beach boys get. When i think beach boys i don't think of soul/funk but my friend doesn't make many musical recommendations to me so i took his word and damn this album is great. I can see why the indy rocker in him loves it the whole thing was recorded in a house, not a studio. It sounds like The Shins studied this album before they started recording. Wild Honey came out in 1967, pre White Album. It's not hard to imagine why this album wasn't popular when it came out. I wonder how hard it is to fine a vinyl copy in good condition.. Strutters should check out this album even if they hate the Beach Boys, even if they hate the Beach Boys & Pet Sounds....even if they hate the Beach Boys, Pet Sounds & "Don't Worry Baby" they should still give this album a chance. If you hate all that then fine you can give up on The Beach Boys.

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