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Various - Mary Jane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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    Mary Jane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (1967)


Aah, I'm two for two with these Sidewalk soundtrack joints. First Hell's Bells, then this. A tale of reefer madness amidst academia where teachers deal grass to students and suck them into a whirlpool of psychotic disillusion. Sounds a lot better than 4th period Home Ec. Who better to take on the aural task of depicting this hysteria than future MGM executive and "Burning Bridges" break maker Mike Hurb, I mean Mike Curb. Yes, an unlikely fellow, but dunny did good! Perhaps the label heads at Sidewalk brought in Les for a few days to squeeze Curb's creative hip juices.

There's some tripped out magical moments of dark jazz and groovy bits on here that justify the mesmerizing cover art, but also expect some stagnant late 60s pop by default. Highlights include the vibed-out downtempo "Grass Party," the moody, swelling jazz of "Store Stealing", and the up tempo groover "Bay City Boys" that has a neato pre-Dennis Coffey "Scorpio" style break down. Drop this one at an event and see what happens.

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