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Various - The Rhythm Record - Rock Vol. I

  • Various

    The Rhythm Record - Rock Vol. I LP (197?)

    INA Records

Oh lord. I haven't heard anyone name drop this piece. A flea market find that gave me the chills at first sight. "Dynamite rock beats to back you up when you play your own instrument." This ain't no late 70s drum drops nonsense either. It's heavy early 70s raw drum breaks and percussion that just straight hypnotize the listener. I need to drop "The Hard Rock" track at a b-boy event and see what happens. It reminds me of "The Riot" off the RPM soundtrack, but a zillion times doper. It's this ill hypnotic drum pattern with heads palm muting guitars and other heads making Les Pauls sound like sirens. The "Latin Rock" track is disgusting too.

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