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Ettore Stratta And His Orchestra - Themes '75

  • Ettore Stratta And His Orchestra

    Themes '75 LP (1975)


File this joint under "pleasant surprises". I'm always checking the crates some poor sap has out for 10 cents a pop right before I enter a record show. I usually wonder away empty handed. The local antique / flea market crossbreed dive near me has one of those sycophants with crates of garbage outside the hall where they throw record shows that just leaves me smelling like the deep fried food that's cooked next store. The other day after a mammoth Artic blizzard cleared, I hollered at the same vendor outside the record show I attended and bought 5 records just because. This joint by Ettore Stratta was one of them. It didn't dawn on me until a few days later when I played the B side that it contained the break beat laden "Theme From Godfather II" which I always assumed was on a Canada-only compilation StopandCop used to slang on ebay all the time. The other joint off here I'm feeling is "Theme from Stavinsky". It's a Real chill soundtracky type groove that I can vibe out to. Did somebody sample this? They should.

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