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AEIOU Beat Digger Mix - All Vinyl Live Funk DJ Set - Solitary Selections Ep. 23

  • Raj Mahal

    AEIOU Beat Digger Mix - All Vinyl Live Funk DJ Set - Solitary Selections Ep. 23 (2020)

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DJ Raj Mahal is back with a tribute to one of his favorite beat digging mixes from back in the day, Diplo and Tripledoubles' AEIOU 2. Check it as he geeks out and spins his favorite tracks from the original 2003 mix that caused shockwaves through the beat digging community. Expect lots of funky psych rock and dusty breaks / loops from all over the globe. It's all vinyl and all live!

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Track List

Intro - DJ Raj Mahal
Sarandi - Los Grillos
Karnaval - Howard Wales
The Other Song - Spirit
Sakura - Odetta
No Morira Jamas - Los Angeles Negros
Occapella - Lee Dorsey
Been So Long - Motherlode
Our Ship - Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly
Take Me, Break Me - Underground Sunshine
Alibi Annie - Trifle
Christine - J. K. & Co.
Troubled People - The Heads Of The Family
The Electric Liturgy-Recessional -Mind Garage
You’ve Come This Way Before - Nancy Priddy
Dreamworld - The End
Stoned Is - Cynara
Acka Raga - Shocking Blue
Mushroom - Can
Elegy - Colosseum
Toe Jam - Mount Rushmore
Patch Of Grass - Jeff Cooper And The Stoned Wings
Hush now - Jimi Hendrix
Lunar Invasion - The Silhouettes
THEME MUSIC (SAD) - Dharmatma
Dance of Maria - Elias Rahbani
THEME MUSIC (Happy) - Dharmatma
The Bump - George Freeman
Police woman - Henry Mancini
Straight Up - Exit 9

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