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Solitary Selections Ep. 8 - Crate Digger Classics

Raj Mahal

Solitary Selections Ep. 8 - Crate Digger Classics (2020)

Warming up the old 1s and 2s for another Crate Digger Classics live stream this Saturday night 8-9 PM EST on Youtube (for a more interactive 1080p multimedia experience) and IG Live (for the quick and dirty, lo-fi freakz).  I’ll be spinning the very rare groove cult classics that made Internet message boards a thing in the 2000s.  Raw funk, Premo samples, jazz fusion, sweet soul, it’s all here and live!

Video of the Live Stream

Track List

Ombilic Contact - The Atomic Crocus
Melo Dos Dois Bicudos - Azymuth
E.V.A. - Jean Jacques Perrey
Quiller - Quiller
Slap It - Paolo Casa
Funky Beat - Deep Heet
Funk to the Folks - The Soul Searchers
Father Time - Newban
Love The Feeling - Leroy Hutson
Boogaloo - Carol Kaye
Sweetie-Pie - Stone Alliance
Free Soul - John Klemmer
fonky first - The Silhouettes
Searching for Soul (Pt. 1) - Wade, Jake & The Soul Searchers
Get Off The Streets - Eric And The Vikings
Thing, do The Creep - Jr. and His Soulettes
Story Of My Love - Larry Saunders
Music (I Like it) Part I - Benny Sharp & the Sharpies
Do on My Feet (What I Did on the Street) - Dewey Terry
They Won’t Let Me - The Unemployed
Shakey Pudding - Jesse Morrison
Windy C - 100% Pure Poison

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