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Age - Age Audio


Age Audio (2008)

Age is a Bay area beat digger widely know for having “the heat”.  This mix best exemplifies his knack for finding beats and grooves on Latin records, Psych records, Local records, Barry Manilow’s closet.

Originally added to Soul Strut Thursday, March 13, 2008

Track List

1) Silhouettes: Fonky First

2) Quinn Harris and The Masterminds: All In The Soul

3) Los Barbarians: Es Muy Facil

4) Arp Life: Bu-Bu

5) Andy Loore: Enfre Et Marijuana

6) Orquesta Hnos Flores: Estoy En Onda

7) Keith Roberts With Barbara Moore: Sort of Soul

8) Interlude: Are You Being Programmed?

9) John Cameron: Swamp Fever

10) Leon’s Creation: Sightless

11) Larry Norman: Sigrid Jane

12) Interlude 2: Double the Fun with Wade

13) Ulysses Crockett Magic: Resurgence

14) Dudley Moore: Bedazzled

15) La Crema: Cisco Kid

16) Geino Yamashirogumi: Ososrezan

17) Aposento Alto: Goodbye Old Friends

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