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DJ Otis Funkmeyer - Chow Mei Funk

DJ Otis Funkmeyer

Chow Mei Funk (2013)

Otis Funkmeyer is one of the original Soul Strut DJs. First appearing on this site in 2000! After a several year hiatus, he is FINALLY back with another solid rare soul / funk mix. Prepare for the mind melt!

Originally posted on Soul Strut on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Track List

1. Backlash - Funky Streaker
2. Cinnamon Suns - Party Time
3. Brothers of the Ghetto - Rockin’ Chair
4. The Violators - Hung Up pt. 1
5. Hot Lungs - I Cried One Million Tears
6. Lee Williams and the Cymbals - Shing-A-Ling U.S.A.
7. Black Earth Plus - How Can You Say You Love Me pt. 1
8. Paul Burton - So Very Hard To Make It (Reissue)
9. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Point It Out
10. Bobby Jones - Welcome Back A Foolish Man
11. The Natural Resources Unpolluted - Funky With My Stuff
12. The Hesitations - No Brag Just Fact
13. Diana Ross & the Supremes - He’s My Sunny Boy
14. Harrison & the Majestic Kind - Can You Fine [sic] Me Love
15. Richard “Dimples” Fields - Finger Lickin’ Good
16. Kookie Little - Just A Minute With 60 Seconds In It
17. Willie Gresham and the Free Food Ticket - Step by Step
18. Stormy - The Devastator (reissue)

All original vinyl unless specified.

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