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Hi-C - From DFDUB to LAX


From DFDUB to LAX (2003)

There was a time in the early to mid 00’s where crate diggers made DJ Shadow inspired instrumental hip hop. A spin off of that was slowed down, slightly triply style coined “Blazing Downtempo”. Soul Strut regular and Texas based producer Hi-C (along with co-conspirator Wilson) created a series of cool 45s that demo’d such music as the magical band Rehash. This was a promotional mix for one of their releases in 2003 that ranges from Downtempo to Dub music to Jazz Funk?

Track List

John Betsch Society - Earth Blossom
Rehash - Morning
Boards of Canada - Peel Session
Hydroponic Soundsystem - Tryin to get love from Record Sub Oslo - Dubalicious
Hydroponic Soundsystem - This is a Dub
Burning Spear - Workshop
King Tubby, Rockers Uptown & Augustus Pablo - Baby I Love You So Scientist - Thunder & Lightening Dub
Mars Everywhere - Interlude
Mdeski, Martin, & Wood - The Dropper
Eddie Gale - Black Rhythm Happening
Freddie Robinson - Smoking
Jimmy Smith - Lookin Aint’ Gettin’
Eddie Fisher Quartet - Shoo-be-doo-be-doo-be-do da Day
Rehash - Number Four

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