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Raj’s Dust & Grooves Playlist

Raj Mahal

Dust & Grooves Playlist (2013)

In 2013, I was interviewed and photographed for the Dust and Grooves - Adventures in Record Collecting book.  Much to my chagrin, I ended up on the cutting room floor, BUT I did get the opportunity to revisit some old records I collected over the years. Many of them contain magical grooves that can not be replicated by FLAC or MP4.  Enjoy@!

Track List

Demon Fuzz – “Past, Present, and Future”
The Silhouettes – “Fonky First”
Lee Michaels – “Tell Me How Do You Feel”
Can – “Vitamin C”
Pierre Henry – “Jericho Jerk”
Barbara and Ernie – “For You”
Eugene McDaniels – “Lovin’ Man”
The Meters – “Pungee”
Joann Garrett – “It’s No Secret”
Baby Huey – “Hard Times”
Leroy Hutson – “Let’s Be Lonely Together”
Lillian Hale – “Don’t Boom Boom”
The Rhythm Record – “The Hard Rock”
Blowfly – “Butterfly Theme”
Ramp – “American Promise”
Starvue – “Love Affair”
Radiance (feat. Prize) – “This Is a Party”
Don Blackman – “Holding You, Loving You”
Syl Johnson – “I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Freedom”
Skull Snaps – “Having You Around”

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