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Solitary Selections Ep. 16 - Rock Grooves

  • Raj Mahal

    Solitary Selections Ep. 16 - Rock Grooves (2020)

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Raj Mahal is back on the horse with an eclectic set of raer rock grooves and message board cult classics including fuzzed out funky psych, black rock, drugged-out 60s garage, and more. It’s all vinyl and all live!

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Track List

Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9 - Wilson Pickett
Life Is A Gamble - Preacher
Showstopper (Re-Edit) - Iron Knowledge
Evil - Cactus
Mustache in Your Face - Pretty
Machine - Ning
Chasin’ Ladies - Dust
Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle - 3 Hur-El
Run Away - Help
Red, Purple And Blue - The Bag
Soul Flow - Paul Kelly
People Let’s Stop the War - Grand Funk Railroad
Sitting Here on a Tongue - The Grodeck Whipperjenny
Mongoose - Elephant’s Memory
The Voodou Ju Ju Drug - Part 1 - R. Pultek
Sock it My Way - The Animated Egg
Psychotic Reaction - Freakout USA
Alibi Annie - Trifle
Just a Star - Astronauts Etc.

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