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The Man - Tokin’ With Monte

The Man

Tokin' With Monte (2002)

Originally posted to Soul Strut in 2002, this mix showcases fantastic Euro-oddities with a few US and Canadian releases too. Crazy funky jazz, heavy beats, psych funk, soul and disco on a weird tripped-out groovy tip!

Much better rip than the 56kb/s Real Audio, Jawn.

Track List

Jimmy Webb: Naked Ape OST: Intro
David Shire: Klute OST: psych fuzz instrumental (no track listing on the LP)
Billy Taylor & David Frost: Merry Christmas: Bright star in the east
Francis Lai: Le corps de mon ennemi OST: Magic’s Power
Chris Hinze Combination: Mission Suite: Bamboo funk (MPS)
Michael Naura: Vanessa: Black Pigeon (ECM)
Alan Tew: Drama Suite Vol 2:  The Fence (Themes, cue from Hanged Man library session)
Lee Gagnon: Jeremie OST: Passants du soir (Opus)
Mixed bag: in the can (Disques Direction 45 b-side)
Bertrand Renaudin - Passage
Philippe Besombes - Libra
Francis Lai - Theme d’Ann
Philippe Besombes - Rugby
Hugo Montenegro - Spaceport
Michel Columbier - L’Heritier
...German or French OST…
Alan Tew - The Rub (Drama Suite cue)

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