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Bakery - Rock Mass For Love

  • Bakery

    Rock Mass For Love LP (1971)

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This album was featured on Soul Strut's monthly record spotlight ISH in 2003. Here is a review written by DJ Sheep concerning the album.

This is one of the weirdest yet funky records that I've come across whilst diggin' for Australian joints. The Rock Mass For Love was celebrated in St. George's Cathedral, Perth and recorded live on March 21st, 1971 in the presence of nearly 6,000 people. Featuring drummer Bruce Devenish and his jazz musicians collaborating with the heavy sound of progressive jazz/rock group The Bakery, this album highly reminds me of something David Axelrod would have produced both in concept and at some points sound. Both sides of this platter feature live spoken passages by a minister in between short funky interludes and backing music. There's lots of nice drumming and sharp stabs to be found throughout the record. It's a real pity this album is such a poor quality live recording otherwise it could be quite useful in production.

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